Tuesday, September 07, 2004

If Bush, four more years of more war.

William Luti a hawk in the Pentagon has hinted to some Democrats that the policy of pre-emptive war could apply to as many as six other countries.

This is why Bush must go. The whole idea of pre-emptive war is just plain wrong to most Americans and as well the rest of the world. Who gives us the right to decide a country needs to be attacked based on a guess that we might be attacked. Who's running our country anyway, Nostradamus?

We are becoming the bully prophet in the schoolyard. You remember the kid who could beat up every other kid. Imagine that kid thinking to himself, "Hey, I think I have to punch out little Bobby, he's looking at me funny and he might try to throw a stone at me. I'd better stomp his brains before he does." That's the Bush pre-emptive war policy.

But in plenty of schoolyards, the other kids sometimes got together and teamed up on the bully. The bully goes too far once too often and the group pre-emptively stops the bully once and for all.

I wonder if this is what the world might eventually do to the United States if we keep doing pre-emptive wars. How long before the world decides to give the bully its comeuppance?

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