Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Shut the Fox Up!

As a progressive I've been trying to keep up on news of the protests in New York during this week of the Republican Convention. This past Sunday I was treated to live coverage of the march on C-SPAN. This station just let the cameras roll without poisoning the images with partisan talking heads arguing on the audio. If only the cable news channels of FOX, MSNBC, and CNN would imitate C-SPAN and just shut up sometimes and let viewers judge video footage without being told how to think. We viewers are not stupid, sometimes we can actually think for ourselves.

In that Sunday march, some of the participants had a slogan to shout when they passed the FOX news advertising, "FOX NEWS SUCKS!" I couldn't agree more. That station has been shilling for the Bush war mongers throughout these last four years. The FOX slogan "fair and balanced" is pure advertised propaganda. Anyone familiar with the investigations into that stations siding with the Bush gang knows how unfair and unbalanced they are towards issues and politicians on the left. Another slogan of the protesters has been 'SHUT THE FOX UP!" There's a good idea. If you ask me Congress should investigate FOX News to see if they really are fair and balanced as they claim.

When John Kerry wins the election, you can bet FOX News will practically cry on the air. I can just imagine the tears flowing from Bill O'Reilly's eyes. "Tears From Bill O'Reilly's Eyes," wasn't that a song? Well, it should be. Sean Hannity will probably be throwing things around the studio. It will be an interesting few days after the election around the FOX News desk I imagine.

I've been so heartened by the New York protests. It has been wonderful to see dissent in action. For too long anti-war viewpoints have been virtually ignored in the media, despite the fact that polls now show that more than 50% of Americans think the Iraq War was a mistake. Since the country has been so polarized, everything seems so 50/50 then I could extrapolate that half of the media should be anti-war as well. That certainly has been hard to see though. We know where the pro-war media is for sure, FOX News. What about one of the other cable news channels tilting anti-war, that would be fair and balanced. Until then I say, SHUT THE FOX UP!

Check out my favorites link, Media Matters, to see how biased FOX News is.
And here is the latest story on the protests.


Blogger Heather S. said...

If "Tears from Bill O'Reilly's Eyes" isn't a song, it should be.

5:39 PM  
Blogger jon said...

When Kerry wins maybe I'll do some lyrics. Sung to the tune of "She's got Bette Davis' Eyes"

3:12 PM  

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