Thursday, August 26, 2004

Larry Thurlow, give back your Bronze Star.

In the recently obtained Navy Task Force 115 Report from the week of the swift boat incident concerning John Kerry's involvement that day is quite revealing. It twice mentions enemy fire to the contrary of the claims of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (oh really?)." Here are some of the interesting highlights from the article (see link).
(Larry) Thurlow's medal recommendation, for example, says he helped the PCF-3 crew "under constant enemy small arms fire." That recommendation is signed by George Elliott, another member of the anti-Kerry group. It lists as the only witness for the incident Robert Eugene Lambert, an enlisted man who was not on Kerry's boat who also won the Bronze Star that day.

Thurlow, the commander of another swift boat who won a Bronze Star for helping the crew of PCF-3, insists there was no enemy gunfire during the incident. The citation and recommendation for Thurlow's Bronze Star, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, also mention enemy fire, however.

Thurlow says his Bronze Star documents are wrong.

It's funny how after all these years Larry Thurlow is now insisting that there wasn't any enemy fire, despite records showing that there was. Well, if Thurlow is so insistent maybe he doesn't believe he deserves his own Bronze Star anymore. Yet, why has he not returned his award? If Thurlow truly believes his current story, then he must feel his Bronze Star is nothing but a hunk of empty metal. Thurlow is as well implying that all the Navy personnel in the five swift boats on that river that day didn't deserve a Bronze Star. Thurlow is essentially calling for the return of all medals given out for that incident (or lack of incident according to Thurlow). Larry put your medal where your mouth is. Larry Thurlow, give back your Bronze Star.


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