Saturday, August 21, 2004

$8.8 Billion buried in the sand?

If you happen to go to Iraq, could you look around for my tax dollars? Apparently $8.8 billion has been lost. Maybe it lies under a pile of sand or maybe the ghost employees (see article above) in the Iraqi ministries stole it in a seance or something. I would certainly like an all out search for this money since this was American taxes that were lost. Our future wallets and our childrens future wallets are becoming lighter by the minute. I'm sure hope the search for this money won't prove as useless as finding weapons of mass destruction.

I can't help but wonder if Halliburton has been teaching the Iraqi government the lessons of theft of the American taxpayer. Since Halliburton is there in Iraq, they must be leading the Iraqi government by example. The Pentagon has recently found that Halliburton hasn't accounted for $1.8 billion (see link at bottom).

I'm not so sure Iraqis are learning about democracy, but rather learning the practices of corporate malfeasance. In fact since the Iraqis don't have a democracy yet, it must be the example of American corporate capitalism that inspires them. What bothers me though is that whether it is the Iraqi government or Halliburton, it's the America peoples money they are somehow "losing." It's not like they lost a pen and they have to buy a new one. NO, these thieves are reaching into our pockets. The American taxpayer is the bank for thieves, silently covering for inept corporations and George Bush installed governments.

Halliburton's missing $1.8 billion


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