Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Does Bush dodge taxes?

At a campaign stop in Annandale, Virginia in the second week in August, President George Bush blurted out the worst Bushism I've heard yet. According to the White House transcripts of the speech Bush had the following to say about John Kerry's plan to reinstate the tax cuts on those making over $200,000.

"Just remember, when you're talking about, oh, we're just going to run up the taxes on a certain number of people -- first of all, real rich people figure out how to dodge taxes."

A number of thoughts come to my mind immediately. My first thought is that as President Bush is a "real rich person" I've got to wonder if he has admitted in a roundabout way that he has "figured out how to dodge taxes." I have to think that Bush as a rich person sees nothing wrong in dodging taxes. Has Bush committed tax fraud in the past and thinks that is OK? I think maybe the IRS should check into this, George Bush needs a tax audit.

Another thought comes to mind. Has Bush decided that since real rich people dodge taxes that there is no point in holding them to the standards of all the other taxpayers? Is this a policy statement by Bush that would certainly seem to favor the rich? Is this new policy based on talent or ability of the real rich, that they can figure out how to dodge taxes? Does that mean the rest of us can learn this ability to dodge taxes, that we can be like the real rich? And does Bush agree that we all can dodge taxes once we learn this ability? Is this policy for the real rich or for everyone?

A further thought of mine is whether this policy should be applied to all laws. If the real rich take illegal drugs, is that OK since they figured out how to evade the law? Should law enforcement not bother with trying to catch the real rich breaking laws since they can figure out ways to dodge laws? Is this why Ken Lay of Enron is still not in jail three years after the bankruptcy? Or what about Rush Limbaugh and his illegal drug use, I see he is still making millions and not having to face up to his unlawful mistake.

I think I know what President Bush was really alluding to. He was not saying it out loud but was conveying the fact that there is a difference in justice for the rich from the rest of us. Of course the real rich dodge taxes because they can hire scores of lawyers and accountants to find ways to dodge taxes. It can take years and millions of dollars to lock up a real rich person, as the rich can hire high priced attorneys to fight government prosecuters. The lawyers representing We the People have to spend plenty of tax dollars to take on these real rich people that when breaking laws know that time and money is on their side in the court system.

A last thought about Bush is that rather than propose a policy that might end the real rich from dodging taxes, he simply ignores it. Bush casually decides that there is no point in trying to stop the practice, in fact he practically endorses it.


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