Sunday, August 22, 2004

Let's get off the boat, swiftly!

It has become tiresome to hear the long ago stories about John Kerry in Viet Nam. Trying to sort out the facts of less than an hours time in a Viet Nam river on a swift boat commanded by John Kerry nearly 40 years later is futile.

It's quite clear to me that this group of swift boat veterans have a simple agenda, to smear a presidential candidate. The accusers weren't even on Kerry's boat, are trying to recall lost memories, haven't checked facts (DoD records) and have an obvious political partisanship. I certainly don't trust their accounting of the events, but that's not so important to me as the media blitz over this story.

I find it odd how this group ran the political ad in only three states (not in my state), yet I can hardly turn the TV on without seeing the ad, snipets of the ad, talking heads arguing about the ad, AD NAUSEUM. Which is no surprise, as this is what the group hoped to acheive with the ad in the first place. They didn't even really have to hope, this has become standard practice in our sloppy, lazy, sensationalist, media. Running the commericial as "news" gets the group free advertising, make the group pay for the time if you ask me. Led by the 24 hour cable "news" networks, it isn't long before the news sources with better reputations have no choice but to cover the story as well. This swift boat commercial has entered the news spin cycle when it should have been hung out to dry.

I also have to wonder why has this group bothered to so openly take sides in the presidential race. Don't they realize that delving into the Viet Nam past of John Kerry only opens up the door to George W. Bush's actions during that time? What a surprise, now we are seeing a political ad about Bush's AWOL practices. It shouldn't be long before the media spin cycle begins to make that ad "news" and we should be seeing the talking heads arguing again. Unless there really is a conservative bias in the media as that is criticism of Bush, we shall see.


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