Monday, August 30, 2004

Catastrophic success???

Can we just skip ahead to November 2nd and start the revolution now? Is it possible to avoid the next two months? I can barely stand to listen to our president any more. It seems like one Bushism after another. The latest as reported by the Washington Post;
Bush also acknowledged in the interview that the administration did not anticipate the nature of the resistance in Iraq, and he said that was his greatest mistake in office. "Had we had to do it over again," he said, "we would look at the consequences of catastrophic success, being so successful so fast that an enemy that should have surrendered or been done in escaped and lived to fight another day."
Catastrophic success? Just a second here, I've got to go get a dictionary to make sure I still understand these two words. Bush can say the strangest things and sometimes I have to see if reality agrees with him. OK, got the dictionary. Cat, catacomb, catalog, um, OK, got it. Catastrophe, well the first definition involves a play, a tragedy, hmmm. Oh, here we go, 2) a disastrous end, or 3) any great and sudden calamity, disaster or misfortune. 4) a total or ignominious failure. The fifth definition is geological. And it gives a synonym, disaster, which is the third time that word has come up. Sure, that is what I thought catastrophe meant, a disaster, so catastrophic means disasterous.

Success is an easy word, but just to be sure, let me flip into the esses. Success, a favorable or satisfactory outcome. Just as I thought, George Bush used an oxymoron, which is a figure of speech in which two terms contradict each other. But I've never heard anyone put these two words together, this qualifies as something new.

So the the Iraq War had a disasterous satisfactory outcome? I'm a bit confused. I do remember the "shock and awe" followed by the "boots on the ground" and the "drive to Baghdad." I also remember the looting and pillaging by Iraqis as our troops just watched. I remember the promises that our troops would be greeted with flowers. I remember Donald Rumsfeld telling us that he knew where the weapons of mass destruction were, I'm thinking he was picturing American missiles in the silos, he knows where those are.

I'm still a bit perplexed. Bush must mean that since we didn't really win the war yet, that mission has not been accomplished, then that is the catastrophe. So what would be the success? I guess he must mean the Iraqi resisitance. They have been rather successful as we have not had our troops drawn down to 30,000 as the war planners predicted. It was suppose to be down to 30,000 a year ago. So the Iraq War is a disaster because the Iraqi resistance is so successful? Is that what he means?

That's the problem with making up new oxymorons, it just plain confuses those of us that read fairly often. Of course George Bush has admitted that he doesn't like to read. In fact he has said that aides read him the newspaper and brief him on the news of the day. Well, I think I have a better understanding of his new oxymoron.

I think catastrophic success was when George Bush became president. In my view it was catastrophic that he won, but to him it was a success. When he lost the popular vote but had the Supreme Court hand him a victory, that would be a catastrophic success. But a better catastrophic success would be if he lost in 2004. A success in my mind, a catastrophy in George's. November 2nd can't arrive soon enough, we need a catastrophic success to remove Bush from the office he should never have sat in.


Blogger Heather S. said...

Bush doesn't know how to use figures of speech to his advantage...not that those of us in the rest of the world didn't already know that. We're keeping our fingers crossed until Nov. 2nd. Keep up the good work!

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