Thursday, September 02, 2004

Zell Miller, the angry Republican.

How can Zell Miller be allowed to call himself a Democrat? Sometimes I wish I could change that identifier graphic that TV runs below a politician with my remote. In Miller's case, I would be zapping that D next to his name into an R as soon as they displayed it.

This so called Democrat goes and speaks at the Republican Convention to just berate John Kerry. He had an anger toward Kerry and the Democratic Party and the other party's convention is not where a politician is suppose to air differences within their own party. In party politics that is absolutely wrong. How would Republicans like it if one of their politicians had done the same at the Democratic Convention? Some Republican given the time to rail against George Bush in anger. The Bushies would be hopping mad.

I'm not even a Democrat, but I can understand what should happen. Zell Miller should resign his Democratic Party affiliation immediately. He can go pick some other party, he has betrayed the Democrats. If he doesn't resign, then the Democratic Party should fire him. They need to kick him out of the party. Zell Miller should not be welcome anymore. Miller has publicly disgraced the party he belongs to so there needs to be a public outing of Miller's party affiliation. Miller is a zell out. Or is that zealot?


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