Friday, September 03, 2004

Andrew plays some Cards.

We don't much hear from Andrew Card the White House Chief of Staff maybe because he deals out fiction. Explaining why Bush didn't leave the classroom on 9/11 when Card himself told the President that "We are under attack," Card now says "The president accepted my words but did not introduce fear to any of those young students or through the national media to the American people," Card said. ''After an appropriate period of time, he excused himself from the classroom . . . and exercised the ultimate responsibility of a president."

I've seen the classroom video, it's on the Internet, Bush did not excuse himself. He stayed for the entire reading of the story, he then hung around for a photo-op before finally "exercising his responsibility." And what is the appropriate period of time? Do they have some manual at the White House? Under the category "planes crashing into buildings" or "United States under attack" do they list appropriate lengths of time for presidents to become Commanders in Chief?

Card talked about injured veterans, this from the Boston Globe article I link. ...of his trip accompanying Bush to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where injured soldiers have been treated. ''He has walked into a room, where a soldier tries to stand, to pay respect to the president," Card said, ''but he doesn't have any legs, to give an officer's salute, but he doesn't have any arms. And the president leans over and everyone stands at attention, and as the president presents a Purple Heart, tears flow. ''And I can honestly say that never once have I seen a situation where a soldier or a Marine or a sailor or an airman didn't say, 'Thank you for the privilege of serving, Mr. President, and I'm anxious to get back to help my comrades."

Apparently Card and his boss The Bush haven't visited any of the flag draped coffins returning from Iraq. Those soldiers will not ever get a chance to give their opinion to the president. Note how Card is actually talking of only one trip to Walter Reed, I wonder how many times Bush has visited the injured? And how sad, no legs to stand, no arms to salute, for what? An endless quagmire. Just like Viet Nam some day in the future when our troops will vacate Iraq leaving not a democracy but a ravaged country, those soldiers will wonder just that, "for what?"

Andrew Card also said, ''It struck me as I was speaking to people in Bangor, Maine, that this president sees America as we think about a 10-year-old child,"

Um, sorry Andrew, the country is more than 200 years old. We've been through 45 presidents, many wars, and umpteen challenges. The United States is no 10-year-old-child to this pretender president. It's the other way around, Bush is the 10-year-old-brat running wild in the White House of the United States.

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