Tuesday, September 07, 2004

1,000 American military deaths.

The number of American military deaths in Iraq passed the one thousand mark. I heard one pundit describe this as a milestone. I suppose one could say that. The total deaths now require an extra digit to continue the count. We now need the thousandths column of the base ten system.

Yet, I've wondered all along how many is too many. Does this milestone change that? When the count was 100, was that a milestone? Or was 500 a count to remember? At 750 we realized that 1,000 was not out of the question.

Then I wonder at the family and friends of the dead. Did they in any way find pride that their soldier was one of the milestone numbers? Highly doubtful. And did the soldier that was dead number 338 or 693 or 945 care whether they didn't die a milestone number? Of course not.

The only milestone number I care about is the final number. When will we see that number? Support our troops, bring them home, we need no more milestone numbers.

Sadly, the statistical count...


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