Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Unknown Dead in Iraq.

The 1,000 American military deaths of course is incomplete. That number represents only those that lost their lives in combat. There are unknown additional military deaths resulting from non-combat injuries and illnesses.

As well the businesses and corporations have sacrificed workers. This total is not very well documented. A Halliburton spokesperson has put their employee deaths at 45 in Iraq. And who could forget about the 4 deaths of the Blackwater employees in Fallujah at the end of March, burned, dragged through the streets and one hung from a bridge.

The actual total deaths resulting from the war on Iraq will probably never be fully known. Our military doesn't even attempt to count civilian Iraqi deaths. Someday in the future when this war is all over, a final tally of those that ceased to live within the borders of Iraq will be printed. But we already know that the final count will not be accurate.

We certainly can change that final inaccurate count. The sooner that we bring the troops home the better chance of reducing that final total deaths.

non-combat casualites...


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