Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bush Press Conference

I watched the Bush press conference yesterday and can't help but wonder why I do. Probably because I can always find something to write about in the blog. Here are several excerpts that are good for a quick opinion.

"I think people who want to be a citizen of this country ought to learn English and they ought to learn to sing the national anthem in English," Bush said. "I'm not a supporter of boycotts," he replied to a question concerning the upcoming immigration protest.

First, English is not our national language, we don't have a national language. People will end up learning English because it's the dominant language, but there is no law or Constitutional requirement to be fluent in English. Second, it's no surprise Bush doesn't support boycotts, he doesn't have a progressive bone in his body. Yet, I bet he's boycotted things all his life. Simply choosing not to purchase a product based on how a person views the item or the company that makes it, is a boycott. I'm betting Bush has opted not to buy a product for some personal reason a few times in his life.

Bush said on the subject of oil prices and taxing oil companies, "Look, the temptation in Washington is to tax everything, and they spend the money. They being the people in Washington...." He went on to explain that one of the reasons that gas prices are so high is that there hasn't been any oil refineries built since the 1970's and that Congress needs to relax regulatory controls.

Here we go again with Bush acting like he's an outsider of Washington. He even defines those in Washington as "they" thereby not including himself. Bush spends money, he submits a budget on the spending priorites, he's a they.

Now the second part that bugs me is the spin he puts on oil refineries. The fact is that the oil companies have been CLOSING refineries. They haven't wanted to build any. In fact, that has been a stategic plan, to close refineries in order to cause periodic shortages which in turn cause retail prices to rise and the subsequent profits to increase. This was revealed by an insider memo from one of the oil companies. It has nothing to do with regulations. And Bush knows this, he's from the oil industry, Dick Cheney's from the oil industry.

I should stop watching George Bush talk, but I won't. For me it's sort of like watching a car wreck, it's horrible but you can't turn your head.


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