Thursday, April 13, 2006

More on "Mobile Weapons Labs"

Apparently White House spokesman Scott McLellan went sort of ballistic on the media for reporting about the fact that Bush lied about those mobile weapons labs back in May of 2003. Scotty basically demanded an apology for reporting facts, I guess.

I blogged about the mobile weapons labs yesterday. Reword that, trailers for inflating hydrogen weather balloons. It should never be called mobile weapons labs again, they absolutely were not. I pointed out that the British Guardian newspaper had called out Tony Blair for the exact same thing, lieing about those trailers, in early June 2003.

I wonder if Scotty might blow a gasket if he were to be asked by our media about the Gaurdian reporting back in 2003. A good question might be, "Hey, Scotty, did the president know what Tony Blair knew?" Or maybe, "McLellan, should the Guardian apologize to you for their coverage way back in 2003?" Or, "Why didn't Colin Powell or Dick Cheney or other Administration officials know that Tony Blair got caught lieing about the trailers?" "Why did those people go on telling Americans a lie that the British public already knew was a lie?"

I'm sure Scotty would somehow play "Blame The Media," you know, that game the Bushies play when confronted with truth they can't deny. Yet, I would like to play "Blame the Media" as well. Where was our American media back in May/June 2003 on this trailer story? How come they didn't pick up on The Guardian story? Tony Blair was forced to squirm, why wasn't the Bush crowd put in the spotlight?

Easy answer to my questions of the media--because they weren't playing "Get Bush" back then. In fact they seemed to be covering for Bush at nearly every turn in those days. It is so obvious about how the media treats a president. If a president's poll numbers are good, good coverage. Poll numbers down? They put him down. Yet it is also the media that helps shape those poll numbers by the coverage. Sort of media catch-22.

But back to the "trailers for filling hydrogen weather balloons" (such a convoluted phrase). It seems incredulous to me that our bombing war allies in Iraq, our good friends across the Atlantic, and Tony Blair good buddy of Bush didn't get the Bush Gang's attention about this back in 2003. I find it to be beyond belief that the Bushies didn't know about Blair's trouble with the press in Britain. That the Bushites went right on lieing throughout the year about the trailers and that Blair didn't ring up the White House and wonder "How come your American press is silent about your lies?"

I've been visiting the blogs covering this story and I seem to be the only one that knows the British 2003 version of the story. We should be calling this "Weapons Lab Lie Redux: American Remake." I posted comments at several of the blogs including the Guardian web address that had the article. I'm hoping that I've gotten someones attention enough to blow the British aspect into the whole story. To me it only furthers the evidence that the Bushies knew they were lieing to the American public and knew they risked that the British information might be exposed in the American media, yet still propagated their lies.


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