Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Bush Mobile Weapons Lab Lie

Back in May of 2003 when the White House was all aflitter about those mobile weapons labs that were found in Iraq, Bush was quick to declare them evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Of course we all know by now that those mobile weapons labs were nothing but trailers to produce hydrogen for weather balloons.

The new revelation is that experts were sent to Iraq and dismissed the trailers as WMD related but their report apparently became "lost" after being sent back to the White House. Meanwhile Bush went on a propaganda roll about those "weapons labs." This new revelation is in the Washington Post today.

But I was a bit curious because I couldn't recall when I realized that those labs were for weather balloons. The idea changed somewhere along the way and the media reported the correction at some point. I did a search and found a report from The Guardian dated June 8th, 2003. The information from the Guardian is certainly what I recalled, but I don't believe the American media accepted the weather balloon idea until after the David Kay and the Iraq Survey Group report which had an interim report to Congress in October of 2003 and didn't confirm those labs as biological.

On May 29th, 2003 Bush proudly declared that "We have found the weapons of mass destruction," referring to those weather balloon trailers. This was two days after the field report about the trailers was sent back to Washington. Throughout the summer of 2003 the weapons lab idea kept being repeated by Bush Administration officials including Colin Powell, Dick Cheney and George Tenet.

They must have known of the British analysis from early June, Tony Blair knew and the British public knew from the Gaurdian's article. It seems the Bushies were playing "hear no evil, repeat what we want the public to think."

The big laugh to all of this? That the British themselves sold Saddam the trailers for hydrogen production for weather balloons back in 1987.

Actually two big laughs. If you remember Colin Powell's litany of false WMD evidence to the United Nations prior to the war, the mobile weapons labs were one of the key pieces of evidence. He didn't have pictures though, just cartoons drawn from descriptions by the ex-Saddamist nicknamed "Curveball." Of course Curveball was passing along all sorts of crap that didn't turn out to be true and wasn't verified by anyone else at the time.

But actually, none of it is a laugh because thousands of Americans and Iraqis have died due to this bullshitting of Americans.


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