Saturday, March 11, 2006

Church Burning Pranks?

They caught the perpetrators of the recent church burnings in Alabama. It turns out it was three college kids who admitted to the crimes describing it as "a prank that got out of hand."

The first church they torched might have credibly been called a prank, if they had any brains and quit right then. But no, they go on to burn four more that night of drinking. And then precede to burn another four, days later to "throw off the police."

The "pranks" are nothing but high crimes, felonies, repeated arson, terrorism. Those idiots are certainly lucky that no person happened to be taking a snooze in one of their church targets. Regardless, throw the book at them. The fact that they recognized their stupidity and tried to throw off the police investigation clearly indicates their own acknowledgement of understanding the seriousness of their crimes. They could have turned themselves in prior to the additional four church burnings.

The good news (if you could use the word good) is that these church torchings were not hate crimes. To Alabamans they were thinking hate crimes, which places these acts in the category of terrorism. There was a fear in Alabama that more churches were to be targeted.

I just don't understand. I've been plenty drunk in the past, but never came close to this type of behavior. I don't care how drunk a person is, after the first burning the fog of alcohol could have been penetrated to understand that repeating the incident is wrong. Yet these three chose to repeat it four more times. Unbelievable!


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