Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The NRA Gets its Way

It's official, the assault weapons ban expired last night at midnight. The main reason for this is the power of the National Rifle Association (NRA) over politicians. Polls have shown that 70% of Americans favor the ban on assault weapons, but somehow this doesn't translate to our Congress. Because politicians in Congress are somehow afraid that the NRA has enough dollars to fight against their re-elections they cower and refuse to vote the will of the majority of the people. We the 70% of the people are essentially told to shut up by our representatives. This is our sad state of democracy in America today.

Overwhemingly police support the assault weapons ban and Congress just told them they don't care what they think. Congress doesn't care that police departments all over this country find it a little easier to fight crime without assault weapons on the streets. Even a majority of gun owners ( 63%) support the ban. The people are speaking, yet our representatives ignore them and listen to one special interest group, the NRA.

And where was our leadership? President Bush said that if the bill was renewed he would sign it, yet he didn't use the weight of his position to pressure the House of Representatives controlled by the Republicans and apparently the NRA. Bush didn't lift a finger to make phone calls.

Presidential Spokesman Scott McClellan had this excuse for his boss, "Bush believes the best way to curb gun violence is to enforce laws that are on the books." He makes this statement the day they are letting one of those laws come out of the books. One less law to enforce to curb gun violence.

The logic coming out the White House is simple stupifying. This is how I know the Bush Administration thinks Americans are dumber than rocks. They can put out this inane logic and know that most Americans are either powerless to do anything, too busy to notice or really are rock heads.

One thing for sure, this is just another sad day for American democracy. The will of the people has been ignored once again. Today we can see that it is the will of the special interest groups that are the only ones that can claim that democracy works.

John Kerry gets it. He has pointed the finger at the person we can certainly blame for this travesty of democracy, George Bush. We also see that our President is afraid. He fears standing up to a special interest group, so the NRA controls our president. Our President just proved what a coward he is. Presidents Reagan, Carter, Clinton and Dubya's father all proved they were not cowards because they all supported the assault weapons ban. "Go sit in a chair George W. Bush you have just demonstrated how weak kneed you are. You fear a special interest group, where are your guts?"


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