Thursday, September 16, 2004

Colin Powell, No Connection Iraq and 9/11

WASHINGTON POST - Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, appearing on NBC's "Meet the Press" yesterday, said he had "seen nothing that makes a direct connection between Saddam Hussein and that awful regime and what happened on 9/11."

Asked how he believes Sen. John Kerry would respond to a terrorist attack, Powell said, "I can't tell you how he might respond to it. As commander in chief, I think he'd respond to it in a robust way."

NBC's Tim Russert, using language similar to a question President Bush had posed about Kerry regarding the former Iraqi leader, asked Powell if he "knew today that Saddam did not have these weapons of mass destruction, would you still advocate an invasion?"

Powell did not answer directly, but said, "I would have to look at the total picture, and we'd have to sit down and talk about his intention to have such weapons, the capability that was inherent."

So now we can add Secretary of State Colin Powell to the list of those who have now admitted that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11. My only question is how long has he believed this?

Further Powell has recently told the Senate Government Affairs Committee that at the time he was delivering his report on Iraq WMDs to the U.N. (broadcast to the world) that he had not been informed about the doubts concerning the evidence within the U.S. intelligence community. Yet Powell is not being totally honest as his own people had warned him of the unreliability of the information. And of course now we see that absolutely nothing Powell told the world that day was true.

Colin Powell at one time was considered the moderate voice of reason within the Bush Administration. I look at his recent statements and wonder why he cast his lot with the other Bushies. Powell at one time was considering running for President, now I would think his political career is nearly over. A rumor was floating around a few months ago that should Bush win the election Powell was going to retire. Of course if John Kerry wins, the whole Bush Administration is retired.

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