Thursday, May 11, 2006

Can't Investigate?

Well it turns out that the Justice Department won't be allowed to investigate the warrantless wiretaps program because the NSA (National Security Agency) won't give security clearance to the Justice Department.

All I can think is "WHaaat???"

I shouldn't be all that surprised I guess that the NSA won't allow the Justice Department to investigate the NSA. I wish I had that power in my job. I could do anything I want and if the company wanted to check up on me I could say "no, I won't grant you the authority."

With all the spy agency news these days, I'm beginning to wonder whether spying should even be a function anymore. We have CIA director Porter Goss resigning and two of his aides resigning, apparently due to involvement in what is being referred to as the Watergate, hooker, poker, cigar scandal or something like that.
We have the news that millions upon millions of phone records are being data based.

But, I'm just perplexed that Bush could outright lie about the domestic eavesdropping program claiming they get warrants and apparently this is OK. We have a Republican Congress that refuses to investigate the NSA program and now the NSA refuses to allow Justice to investigate it either. All this lack of investigation desire leads me to highly suspect that there must be all sorts of dirt going on at the NSA. I think there is a good chance that dirty laundry is to stay dirty because Americans won't be happy if the laundry stink gets aired out.


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