Friday, March 24, 2006

Uncle Bucky Bush, Iraq War Profiteer

President Bush's Uncle Bucky

I'm not sure I could ever find a better example of war profiteering that benefits a family member as to the Iraq War than the example of President Bush's Uncle Bucky. William H.T. Bush, the youngest brother of former President George H.W. Bush (Dubya's father) cashed in $2.7 million from his post as chief executive due to the sale of a company with Iraq War contracts.

Interesting as well is that SEC filings show that there are two ongoing investigations of Bucky's company as to Iraq contracts.

What makes this case of close family proximity combined with business interests to a war started by one member of the family is the simple assumption I immediately leap to is insider information.

I'd be a fool not to think that news of secret plans to attack Iraq easily slipped to Uncle Bucky through the President himself or the President's father (who also had business interests that could profit from the war from his role with the Carlyle Group). We now well know that a war with Iraq was discussed in the very first cabinet meeting, that later on the day of 9/11 it was as well discussed. We know that the desires and plans for the Iraq War were developed long before it became an issue presented to the public with lame excuses of WMDs and imminent danger.

It's quite obvious to me that insiders that knew about these war plans were developing their business model long before the public heard the plans, the public of course not knowing that the plans were not really for debate. The insiders knew the Iraq War was a sure thing.

Not only were we lied into war, but there was insider information being shoveled around that quite clearly profited those insiders. And worse, that insider information had all the stink of nepotism. Can there be more evidence of something akin to governmental mafioism? And let's not forget that their pockets are lined with our tax dollars. What a bunch of thieves.


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