Friday, March 17, 2006


President Bush's latest speech about the War in Iraq is an insult to American's intelligence.

First is his apparent obsession with IEDs or improvised explosive devices. He mentioned IED 26 times in the speech. I only wonder why he hasn't fixated on IEDs long before this as they are the replacement for WMDs as bad weapons in Iraq. No WMDs? Then IEDs.

Who comes up with these letters of weaponry anyway? I doubt it's the military, I think it's the White House propaganda machine. Three capital letters can sound so ominous to the public. The boots on the ground call them roadside bombs, that says it succinctly. IEDs are really just landmines, a creative Iraq War version.

In the speech, Bush claimed that parts for the IEDs are being supplied by Iran. Yet, just a day later General Peter Pace in a press conference said he had no evidence of that. Now let's consider some logic here. Why would Iran, a Shiite nation, supply Sunni insurgents with parts for roadside bombs that could as well be used in car bombs against Shiite Iraqis? Now it could be argued that Iran is as stupid as the Bushers and will supply parts just to keep the havoc going. The Bushers were dumb enough to think that once they ripped open Iraq that somehow Iraqi elections would turn out being religion-free.

Bush also said "My decisions on troop levels will be made based upon conditions on the ground and on the recommendations of our military commanders, not artificial timetables set by politicians here in Washington, DC."

This is interesting. Bush had claimed that Iran was supplying parts to insurgents. General Pace either is not informed of the information that Bush has, or doesn't accept what Bush says. Doesn't sound like the commanders and the Commander-in-Chief are on the same page. Gen. Pace might want to recommend that Bush explain what he was talking about.

Also of interest is that politicians in Washington are in fact the ones who set troop levels, that's been Donald Rumsfeld's job. He decided how many troops to invade with and has been deciding troop levels ever since. And since Bush is Commander-In-Chief, it ultimately is his job to approve these moves. And whatever timetable is to come (someday it will, win or lose) it will be decided by a Washingtonian, either by a president or by Congress.

Meanwhile the military in Iraq has begun a new offensive called Operation Swarmer. Three years into this war and we are still naming operations for the media to chew on.


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