Saturday, September 18, 2004

Serial Liar

You've got to check out this story of the guy who keeps finding himself at the center of a news story.

Phil Parlot of Charleston, West Viriginia keeps ending up in his local paper the Daily Mail. He keeps showing up in the news after being a "protester" at Democratic campaign events with nearly the same story every time. He keeps getting his protest sign ripped away.

What I found very interesting to this story is that blogs combing the Internet had found the repeat aspect of Parlot's actions. Parlot has now been exposed as a repeat offender and his next news hogging event will be pointed at quickly.

You also have to wonder at the Charleston Daily Mail. Didn't they remember this guy from before? Don't they run checks on people for previous contact with their publication? Or is the paper just inclined to cover a story that slants negative to the Democratic Party?

Read the whole story of poor Phil Parlot...


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